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One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give is a beautifully presented photograph. Before, this would often mean investing in a heavy picture frame. Now you can get the same effect using contemporary acrylic photo blocks.

The difference with a photo block is that it’s entirely freestanding. You can set it down on any flat surface, and move it around just as easily. Acrylic photo blocks feature a crystal clear, glossy finish that will bring out the best colour and vibrancy of your photograph. You will also get the option to select between portrait and landscape orientation to suit your liking. The frame gives an almost 3-D effect that looks ultra modern and can’t be missed. Last but not least, acrylic is one of the strongest and most versatile materials so your photo block is bound to last.

All of this is what makes acrylic photo blocks a very special gift. With this lovely product, you can allow yourself to be creative. Lately, I’ve been using aerial drone photography to capture stunning images from the skies for showcasing in my home.

Thanks to the fantastic low prices, it’s easier to scale up and order multiple photo blocks at once. A set of three or more photo blocks that represent a series of images is an unforgettable present. Perhaps you have multiple photographs from a special occasion or of your loved ones. You can also play with mixing black & white photographs with coloured ones. This kind of gift is perfect for anyone but especially interesting if you’re looking to mark a wedding, anniversary or a birthday.

What I can promise you, once you try these ultra modern photo blocks – you will never go back.