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Mobile phones and tablets are pretty fragile but they’re not that fragile. These glass-and-metal gadgets don’t just die for no reason (okay, sometimes they do, but that’s beside the point) usually there is a story behind why they meet their untimely demise. Here are some common and some not so common ways in which they can break.

1) A regular occurrence and one that is especially frustrating when you drop your phone just as you were about to put on your brand new protective case.

2) You’re watching a scary movie on Netflix or cheering on your favourite sporting team and in a moment of excitement your phone goes flying landing in pieces.

3) You sit down ready to enjoy a nice meal and hear the terrifying sound of something breaking and cracking in your back pocket.

4) Just as you run to the loo you realise that unfortunately the phone got there first.

5) You put your phone down for a split second only to find the pet thought it was their toy and have chewed it.

6) Your at the beach enjoying some fish and chips and you decide to take a picture when a seagull swoops in and takes your phone away.

Why not take some of the stress away by getting a protective case with a design of your choosing. We have all the major brands and latest models covered including the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and Xperia M5. Unfortunately our cases will not protect from seagull swooping.