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Is your Macbook in need of a brand new case? At Just Personalise, we’ve been hard at work producing the best personalised Macbook cases that will offer your Macbook Air, Macbook Retina or Macbook Pro unparalleled protection from accidental knocks and scrapes.

Here’s the best part: All of our Macbook cases are bespoke and made to order. We give you the chance to make your own design, with your most-loved photos, meaningful words and breath-taking themes. It couldn’t be easier using our online tool, which lets you exercise complete creative freedom in just a few steps. Once your unique design is complete, we will use our state of the art printing processes to produce your artisan case. It will be shipped straight to your door in 1-3 working days, so you won’t have long to wait.

To help you get started, here is a little inspiration from us on what your new Mac case could look like:

Celebrate Your Loved Ones

Do you have beautiful photos of your kids, partner, friends or pets that deserve to be shown to the world? Featuring an image of your nearest and dearest on your case will make you smile every time you open up your laptop. A personalised Mac case using your own photographs also makes for a unique and thoughtful gift for someone you love.

Life In Technicolour

A great technique for achieving the perfect Mac case is using images that are bursting with vivid colours. Thanks to our advanced printing technology, we can re-create your images in such good quality that they virtually “jump off” the case. Why not try colourful, artistic snapshots of your kids or photographs of lush landscapes. I’m thinking bright autumnal leaves, rolling green hillsides and azure blue seas. To guarantee the best results, always ensure that the image you submit is in as high resolution as possible.


If you’re looking for something completely different, abstract images make for interesting and deeply compelling Mac cases. Your case will tell a story that everyone will want to know. Our online design creator will let you play with colours and themes to fulfill your creative ambition.


Make A Statement

In 2018, as a global community we’re more socially conscious than ever before. So why not use your Mac case as a vessel to make a statement to the world with a thoughtful quote. Or keep it light hearted by featuring a funny message that will make everyone giggle. After all, a little humour always goes a long way!

Chic Minimalism

Sometimes, you just want to keep it simple when it comes to your accessories. Minimalistic designs are effortlessly stylish and timeless, ideal for both home use and business meetings. To achieve this look, some of the hottest trends include using clean geometric lines in understated metallics; and having your personal initials branded on to a side of the case. Your Macbook case will be unique to you, while looking expensive and sophisticated.

Whichever way you create your design, at Just Personalise we will make sure that your Macbook case is built to exceptional standards.