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September is an exciting time for phone manufacturers. Big companies like Apple and Samsung are getting ready to upstage each other with the latest in smartphone technology at their special events. Meanwhile, the annual rumour mill about what the brand new iPhone and Galaxy models will entail is in overdrive. Here at Just Personalise we’ve been following all of the speculation, and produced this easy guide to the hottest new smartphones hitting the market this month:

So what can we expect?

Let’s start with Apple and the next generation iPhones. We know for sure that they will be improved versions of last year’s cataclysmic release, the iPhone 10/iPhone X. The fresh models will be branded iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus. Therefore we comfortably assume that the Xs won’t substantially depart from its predecessor in terms of design. However, there is likely to be plenty of welcome surprises inside.

One improvement will almost certainly be a more powerful processor. Apple are increasingly investing into making their phones and software perform faster, to keep fierce competition at bay. Other perks are said to include an increase to 4GB RAM and a higher resolution camera. In turn, the iPhone Xs Plus would have the largest display of any iPhone to date.

In addition to the iPhone Xs series, it’s anticipated that Apple will simultaneously release a 6.1’’ LCD iPhone. This will be a more affordable version of the flagship iPhone largely due to scaling back on costly materials such as the steel frame.

In terms of aesthetics, there will almost certainly be new colours added to the line up including the hotly anticipated gold Xs. For anything else, our guess is as good as yours.

If the predictions come true, then for Apple’s greatest competitor, there’s something completely different on the horizon. The word on the street is that Samsung will be releasing its first foldable smart phone. Yes, you got that right!

The bending display will represent cutting edge technology, and certainly stand out in the market. We can’t wait to see the cool custom phone case that will match this ultra modern, yet-to-be announced model. What we do know is that it will be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Watch and new Galaxy Home Speaker (with Galaxy S10 upcoming in early 2019).

The Galaxy Note 9 will look very familiar, with major internal improvements. It will include a fingerprint scanner and biometric authentication system for extra security. The frame will be super light aluminium with an AMOLED screen, rivalling Apple’s stainless steel. The camera will be much the same except for a new smart feature that will automatically optimise the camera settings depending on the subject of your photograph. Interestingly, while the Galaxy 9 will of course support the Samsung Pen, despite much speculation it’s unlikely that the new iPhones will be compatible with the Apple Pencil.

Battle of the Giants

The rivalry between two of the biggest smart technology companies in the world will continue to thrill and entertain year on year. But for now the question is, which one to go for? That’s a difficult question to answer. It will get most interesting in about 6-months time, when Samsung release the greatest challenger to the iPhone XS: The Samsung S10. Some critics believe that the S10 will be ahead of the iPhone in terms of processing power and overall reliability.

For now, we can only wait.