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We make 100’s of personalised gifts every day and we see some great ones and we see some that could have been much better. This has inspired us to write a short article giving you some tips on how to get the best out of your images when you come personalise your gift.

Choosing an image to suit the gift

It may seem obvious but the shape of your gift whether it is a tablet case or mouse mat which are rectangular and wide or it is a phone case which generally are narrower and longer you need to find an image that is the right shape. In short this means don’t use a square image as a single image on any item unless your subject/person/pet is right in the middle and you want to zoom in alot to fill your case/item with the picture.

Potrait images work best, again with the subject in the centre, which will allow you to fill the item and not be left with any empty spaces.

Personalised Phone Cases

If you are personalising a shell phone case, try to use a portrait image which has a reasonable amount of space at the top. This is to allow you to avoid anything important being obscured by the camera hole on the case. Flip/Wallet cases are easier to personalise as your personalising the entire area of the front and therefor camera holes are not an issue.


If you want to make a collage for your case, we recommend you make it in our builder rather than making it on a 3rd party site and then trying to upload it as a single image. Generally the shape won’t be correct and you will end up having to cut off the sides to make it the correct height for the phone.

Image Quality

Bigger is better, the higher the quality of your image the better the print will be for your item. Using low quality or blurry images will reduce the quality of the print. Don’t copy images from Facebook – try and get the person to send you the original image straight from their phone or camera – it will be a much higher quality that you get from Facebook.

Copyrighted Images

We get a lot of orders for football club badges, or cartoon or movie characters like Star wars and Shrek to name but a few. We are sorry but we are unable to print these images as it would against the law – any firm willing to print these for you is breaking the law. If they are prepared to do that then what does that say about the quality of service you are likely to receive from them?