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Samsung S7 Review The Samsung Galaxy S7 is evolution not a revolution of Samsung’s flagship phone the S6 from last year. But then evolution is all that was required and many would compare the S7 as an “S” upgrade similar to what Apple do with their iPhone range.This means the Galaxy S7 builds on the solid foundations laid by its predecessor without fiddling with the winning formula too much.

The exterior design may not look all that different, but it’s comfortable to hold, and the curved edges and reduced width means it’s easier to use one-handed. Samsung has refined the design from the S6 in all the right ways, including making the Galaxy S7 waterproof.

Then there’s the display, which still sports an eye-popping resolution and Super AMOLED technology, but is somehow brighter and more enchanting. Samsung has freshened up TouchWiz, crammed the S7 full of power, and pulled off yet another supremely impressive smartphone camera – the low light performance of the 12MP snapper is something to behold. Also the on screen display is another very nice touch – it’s simple yet highly convenient – while Game Launcher improves the mobile gaming experience on the S7.

With battery life improving and the return of Micro SD support then it really is hard to find much to not like. Until the iPhone 7 comes out this really is one of the best phones on the market.