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Here at just personalise we offer personalised phone cases for 11 models from the Sony Xperia range from the Xperia Tipo all the way up to the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. As we make cases for all of them, we thought we would take some time up and take a look at how the sizes of the Xperia models compare from the smallest to the largest. Read on to see where your Sony Xperia fits into the family.

Start Small

The Sony Xperia Tipo is the smallest print area in the range with 5 x 9cm (approx) for your design.

Sony Xperia Tipo (5.1cm x 8.9cm)



Less than 6cm Wide

The next 3 phones in the range are all less than 6cm in width with height ranging from 10.3cm up to 12.1cm.

Sony Xperia U (5.4cm x 11.2cm)

Sony Xperia E (5.6cm x 10.3cm)

Sony Xperia M (5.9cm x 12.1cm)

Seeing Double?

They are different models, and the camera placements are different with the Xperia Z1 Compact’s camera being in the left hand corner and the Sony Xperia T’s camera being in the centre but in terms of print area there is very little between the 2 models.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (6.1cm x 12.5cm)

Sony Xperia T (6.1cm x 12.6cm)


7cm or Less

Four models fall between 6.5cm and 7cm in width, the shortest is the Xperia SP at 12.8 and the tallest is the Xperia Z2 which is just under 14.5cm.

Sony Xperia SP (6.6cm x 12.8cm)

Sony Xperia Z (7.0cm x 13.9cm

Sony Xperia Z1 (6.9cm x 14.1cm)

Sony Xperia Z2 (7.1cm x 14.5cm)


Saving the Biggest for last

When you compare the Sony Xperia Z Ultra – it is infact the longest and widest phone that we make a personalised phone case for – it 10mm longer than the Samsung Mega 6.3 and 2mm wider and it is nearly twice the length of the Sony Xperia Tipo!

Sony Xperia Z Ultra (8.7cm x 17.6cm


So there you have it – there is a huge difference between the smallest and largest models in the Sony Xperia Range – but regardless of which model you have – you get get a personalised phone case for all of them at Just Personalise, with prices starting from £2.00 (price correct at time of writing)