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Warbits is a brand new game released by Risky Labs for iPhone and iPad and available on the App store.

Warbits is an Advance Wars homage, featuring the same kind of units and building capture mechanics that you’d expect from this kind of game, all in a turn based format. Despite the clear influences from Advanced Wars, Risky Labs have created something that is a thoroughly unique game.

Where games like Front Wars and Mecho seem more like a reskinning of the Advance Wars experience, Warbits takes that core gameplay and modifies it for mobile gaming while, at the same time, adding their own features to give the game something extra.

It’s the real deal too with a single player campaign, local and online multiplayer and leader boards making this one of the best all round games released this year. If you like strategy games there’s really no reason to not pick this game up, as it’s absolutely amazing, oozing with charm and really fun to play. Plus it is on sale for £2.29 at the time of writing this review and there is no IAP, no currencies, gems or timers – only pure gaming goodness.

Currently only available in the App store there are rumours of an Android version being released in the coming months.