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Foamex Photo Panels


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Acrylic Photo Panels


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Printed on shiny durable acrylic or light weight satin foamex boards our photo panels are what you've been waiting for. There's no better way to liven up a drab old wall be it in the office, garage, kitchen, bedroom to be honest just about anywhere.

Our classic 3mm panels are perfect when looking for a quick elegant but thin appearance and for something with that little bit more of a wow factor try our something a little bigger with the 5mm panels

Next generation state of the art technology ensures as fine a finish to your treasured memories as possible. Images reproduced and printed with our superb colour printing process ensure intense colour reproduction with depth and intensity. Good photos and images stand for themselves and need nothing doing in order for them to be appreciated so why keep yours hidden away on hard drives, PCs, Laptops & Macs for no one to appreciate?


Personalised Picture Wall Panels

Move over dated, fuzzy canvases: We've got a fabulous range of acrylic- and satin-finish wall panels hitting the scene. Lightweight, stunning panels that display your images in style.

Make Your Picture Wall Panel

Custom Picture Wall Panels

If you're looking for a workplace statement, a wall of inspiration, a home makeover, or a thoughtful gift: personalised wall panels are a great option.

Design Your Picture Wall Panel


Make Your Own Picture Wall Panels

Stand back dull walls, we've got the tools you need to turn your ideas in to reality. Pick your picture then play and create until you're happy with your design. Bring smiles and happiness to your wall with a dash of personalisation. Our pricing is simple - no hidden extras - so between images and text the design is truly yours.

Design Your Picture Wall Panel

Personalised Photo Panels

Acrylic Photo Panels are available in 8 versatile square and rectangular sizes:

300 x 200 mm (12 x 8")
400 x 300 mm (16 x 12")
500 x 400 mm (20 x 16")
600 x 400 mm (24 x 16")
203 x 203 mm (8 x 8")
300 x 300 mm (12 x 12")
400 x 400 mm (16 x 16")

Foamex Photo Panels are available in 2 sizes:

600 x 400 mm (24 x 16")
400 x 400 mm (16 x 16")