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Selecting your Item to personalise

We have a large collection of phone cases & tablet cases as well as bags and mouse mats which can all be personalised to make the perfect gift for any occasion. Make sure when selecting a phone/tablet case that you have the correct one for your device, it sounds simple but quite a few customers order the incorrect phone case for the model (especially the iPad Air/iPad Mini where there are multiple versions of each).


Uploading Images

Once you have selected the item and the layout you want to use with it you will be taken to the personalisation tool. You can upload images from your computer/laptop/phone or you can pull them in from Instagram or Facebook. For multiple image layouts you can either upload an individual image for each spot or repeat the same image in multiple spots (it is completely up to you!).



Arranging your Images

Once your image is uploaded you can either drag the thumbnail and drop it into the corresponding area (only available when using our tool on your Computer or Laptop) or click on the area and then click on the image to pair them up and pull the selected image into that space.

When you have successfully assigned an image to a slot you can re-position it using the controls underneath the upload area. You can zoom in and out, rotate the image left or right and flip the phone around so you can see how your phone is going to look from different angles.


Completing your Item

Once your happy with your arrangement simply click the add to cart button, and wait for the builder to upload your images to the cart (this can take a while depending on your internet connection and the number and size of the images you have chosen to use). It is that simple!


Please remember...

We are unable to print images which are copyrighted or protected under trademark law.


Our Help Video

Still not sure how to personalise your item on justpersonalise? Then watch our short help video to see just how to do it.

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