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HTC One Cases

So, all the generic HTC One phone cases you've found so far online are boring, and you don't know what to do. What if you could design your own? Man, that would be so cool. Well, with Just Personalise, you can do exactly just that. With the Just Personalise builder, you will only need to upload your photo in order to get the right phone case. You can use up to eight different photos in your creative experiments. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Why not give a present HTC One case that is extra special by making it personalised. Use a funny images and add some thoughtful text to finish it off.

  • - Stylish, Durable and Strong
  • - Protects from knocks & bumps
  • - Full access to all ports & jacks
  • - Lightweight & thin
  • - Slim & Stylish
  • - Made from durable polycarbonate plastic


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For a finishing touch, play around with the colours in the Just Personalise builder. If you would like, add additional text - your favorite quote, an inspirational text. The choice is yours. Just Personalise your HTC One phone case.

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HTC One - Specification


68.2 x 137.4 mm


9.3 mm


143 g

Model Number


Case Material

Poly Carbonate