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Custom Cases for LG G6

Upload images directly from your computer, Facebook or Instagram and make something truly special for your LG G6!

It's so easy to customise your own phone case. Upload a selection of favourite photos and create a collage, or use a single special image, for your case. The other option is to choose one from our collection of themed LG G6 cases. There are so many striking designs - something for everyone, and by adding your initials or name, you'll create a unique piece of customised art.

Make Your Case

Personalised LG G6 Cases

Are you constantly nervous that your LG G6 will get damaged? By using a case from Just Personalise you can rest assured that your smartphone is protected even when you're on the go.

Design Your Case

Make Your Own LG G6 Case

While you're here, why not design a bespoke phone case for another lucky LG G6 owner? You will be giving them the gift of something unique that can't be found anywhere else.

Personalise Your Case