Custom Cases for Nokia Asha 503

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Just Personalise offers you an easy way to customise your own Nokia 503 phone case. The process is quite simple.

Upload photographs from special moments with friends and family that make you happy and customise it on to your Nokia Asha 503 case using our design creator. Add special effects and your design will be ready in minutes. Why not give it a try today!

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Personalised Nokia Asha 503 Cases

You choose an image and upload it. You can even work with multiple images, if you want to create a collage or a more delicate design, and set the right colour for your background or add text. Make it uniquely yours.

  • - Stylish, Durable and Strong
  • - Protects from knocks & bumps
  • - Full access to all ports & jacks
  • - Lightweight & thin
  • - Slim & Stylish
  • - Made from durable polycarbonate plastic

Condition: New

Material: Plastic

Make Your Own Nokia Asha 503 Case

In our modern world, phones such as your Nokia 503 are not merely devices. They're a message we're sending to the world. Whatever kind of message you want to send, just Personalise can help you achieve it.

The photo case layout options for the Asha 503 Cases

  • Single Image Layout
  • Two Images Layout
  • Two Images Layout
  • Three Images Layout
  • Three Images Layout
  • Three Images Layout
  • Four Images Layout
  • Six Images Layout
  • Eight Images Layout