Lumia 830 Cases

Lumia 830 Cases

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Custom Cases for Nokia Lumia 830

Are you bored with constantly looking for the original Nokia 830 case? Do you find every commercial design repetitive and uncreative? Well, Just Personalise is the right thing for you. Simply upload the image you like and wait for your phone case. Set the background colour and add text to accentuate your design. It's quick and easy.

Upload images from christenings or with friends that make you smile and personalise it on to your Nokia Lumia 830 case.

Make Your Case

Personalised Nokia Lumia 830 Cases

The system allows you to upload up to eight different images if you want to be creative. This way, you can create different designs and combinations that will surely look great on your Nokia 830 case.

Design Your Case

Make Your Own Nokia Lumia 830 Case

Just Personalise can help you make a unique, totally customised design for your Nokia 830 phone case. Stand up and stand out.

Personalise Your Case