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Custom Cases for
Samsung Galaxy J1

Just Personalise is a chance to use all your precious moments from Instagram or Facebook for your unique Samsung Galaxy J1 phone case. Or, if you want, you can upload your photos straight from your PC, and, with a little time and patience, you'll have a brand new personalised phone case ready to order. Add some text and adjust the right colour for your design to complete the customization.

Make Your Case

Samsung Galaxy J1 Cases

If you can spare more time, there is a possibility of multi-image upload. Use up to eight images for your creative experiments and create various interesting designs and collages.

Design Your Case


Make Your Own
Samsung Galaxy J1 Case

Besides protecting your Samsung Galaxy J1, Just Personalise will help accent the message you send to the world about your dreams, goals, and desires. Our devices say a lot about us, whether we realise it or not. Don't just stick with a generic old case - Just Personalise.

Personalise Your Case

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