Custom Cases for Sony Xperia SP

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Use the favourite photo of your rolemodel, your baby, or even a funny image of you pulling a crazy face and upload it to Just Personalise. That's the easiest and quickest way to make a unique Sony Xperia SP phone case that will leave people breathless. These phone cases are not only beautiful but also functional, leaving all the ports and commands on your device reachable.

Upload photographs from christenings or with family that make you happy and personalise it on to your Sony Xperia SP case.

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Personalised Sony Xperia SP Cases

Just Personalise supports your creativity. That's why you can upload up to eight photos to make a design with. Colour manipulation is also possible, and you can add a meaningful sentence or text to enrich your creation.

  • - Stylish, Durable and Strong
  • - Protects from knocks & bumps
  • - Full access to all ports & jacks
  • - Lightweight & thin
  • - Slim & Stylish
  • - Made from durable polycarbonate plastic

Condition: New

Material: Plastic

Make Your Own Sony Xperia SP Case

In the modern world, our cell phones are not just devices. Your Sony Xperia SP is telling something about you, about your hobbies and your passions. Why not visit Just Personalise and improve this impression you're leaving?

The photo case layout options for the Xperia SP Cases

  • Single Image Layout
  • Two Images Layout
  • Two Images Layout
  • Three Images Layout
  • Three Images Layout
  • Three Images Layout
  • Four Images Layout
  • Six Images Layout
  • Eight Images Layout